Bonded Transport Services

ET Transport is a certified bonded carrier with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and US Customs & Border Protection. As a leading bonded trucking company, we ensure your bonded shipments and bonded cargo are securely and efficiently transported across Canada and the USA. Our bonded trucking services provide peace of mind with no hidden fees or delays, making us a top choice for bonded carriers.

Bonded Transport & cargo

ET Transport is a certified Canadian bonded transport company specializing in bonded cargo. As a bonded carrier, we ensure your bonded shipments are moved efficiently to the appropriate warehouses or facilities until all duties and taxes are settled. Our status as a bonded trucking company means we can handle bonded cargo with the utmost care and compliance, providing top-notch transportation services.

Being a CBSA bonded carrier, ET Transport offers significant advantages. Operating within the Canadian and US corridors, expediting the delivery of bonded shipments, leveraging bonded carrier status to navigate through customs with ease. This ensures your freight reaches its destination faster and more securely, maintaining the integrity of the bonded cargo throughout the journey.

Choosing ET Transport as your bonded truck carrier means partnering with a reliable bonded transportation company. We understand the nuances of bonded carriers’ meaning and operations, providing seamless bonded cargo shipping solutions. Trust us for all your bonded trucking needs, whether it’s a single shipment or ongoing transportation services.

What is a bonded carrier

A bonded carrier is a transportation service licensed by the CBSA (Canadian Border Security Agency) to transport bonded cargo, which refers to goods for which tax and duty have not yet been paid.

These bonded carriers, including bonded trucking companies and bonded truck carriers, ensure that bonded shipments move securely until customs duties are settled. Bonded transport companies provide essential services for businesses needing to ship bonded cargo across borders, including bonded carrier trucking within the USA.

Understanding bonded carrier meaning and the role of CBSA bonded carriers is crucial for efficient and compliant bonded transportation.

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Why Ship With ET Transport

  • Asset-Based Canadian Company
  • Dry, Cool, Heated, Flatbed Services
  • Fully Certified with CBSA & ASFC
  • Fleet of Over 100 Trucks
  • Over 200 Trailers Available
  • 98% On-time Delivery Rate