Roll-Tite / Conestoga Carriers

Specializing in versatile transportation solutions, our platform connects you with a vast network of carriers equipped with air-ride Roll-Tite trailers, also known as Conestoga trucks. Ideal for atypical commodities, these roll tite conestoga vehicles offer flexible loading and offloading access, ensuring your unique freight needs are efficiently met with precision.

Custom-Built Roll-Tites

Leading in the provision of cutting-edge Roll Tite and Conestoga Trucking Services

Our network specializes in custom-built Roll Tites (also known as Conestoga Trailers), designed to support freight up to 104″ in height – surpassing the industry standard by 4″.

We ensure the utilization of maximum trailer width up to the permissible 102″, enabling the transportation of loads weighing up to 45,000 lbs. The selection includes a variety of trailer sizes, featuring both 53′ and 48′ options to cater to diverse needs.

Secure Roll-Tite Transportation

Ensuring Cargo Safety From Start To Finish

Understanding the importance of cargo safety and security is crucial, which is why we emphasize the use of Roll-Tite (also known as Conestoga) trailers. These trailers are designed with advanced locking systems, setting a high standard in protection against cargo theft. Such meticulous security measures guarantee that your freight is safeguarded throughout its journey, from pickup to delivery.

Optimal for transporting high-value or sensitive shipments, the Roll-Tite service ensures your goods are not only transported but also vigilantly protected every step of the way. By choosing Roll-Tite Conestoga solutions, you’re selecting a service where the safety and integrity of your cargo is the foremost concern. Trust in the reliability of Conestoga trucking to keep your shipments secure, giving you peace of mind knowing that your valuable cargo is in safe hands.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

Adapting To Your Unique Shipping Requirements

Redefining adaptability in the shipping industry, our platform connects you with state-of-the-art roll tite trailers, ideal for overcoming the unique challenges of each shipment. Specializing in a variety of needs, from oversized items to cargo necessitating special attachments, we find providers offering custom-built Roll-Tite and Conestoga trucks. These vehicles boast remarkable versatility, accommodating an array of sizes and shapes to ensure the efficient transport of a wide spectrum of goods.

The seamless integration of roll tite and conestoga services through our platform offers a versatile and reliable solution for swiftly and effectively transporting your cargo, underlining our dedication to customized shipping solutions.

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Why Choose a Roll-Tite?

Roll-tites / conestoga trucks have a variety of uses – primarily for large loads that need flexible access for loading and offloading.

  • Used for Machinery, Aluminum, Building products, Lumber
  • Great protection from the weather and elements
  • Tarps never touch the freight
  • Fast and easy tarping
  • Tarps under 3 minutes
  • Loads like a flatbed

Reliable Conestoga Delivery

Our Business Is To Ensure Your Shipment Reaches Any Destination In Canada And USA.

All trucks feature satellite-tracking technology that gives you real-time information regarding your freight’s delivery.

With a dedicated fleet, 24/7 dispatch, and our extensive network of partners, we provide seamless transportation and logistics services throughout North America that will leave you worry-free.

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