Flatbed and Step Deck Rentals

ET Transport offers flatbed roll tite and flatbed truck transport rentals. With late-model 53-foot flatbed trailers, including Transcrafts and Manac units, they provide short-term and long-term rental options. Their fleet includes roll tite trailers, ensuring secure and efficient transport for local and highway needs.

Why Choose ET Transport for Flatbed Roll Tite Rentals

ET Transport offers a modern fleet of 53-foot flatbed trailers, including Transcraft and Manac models, all California legal with slide axles. The fleet includes both flatbeds and step decks, featuring 2 storage boxes and a dunnage rack for convenience. ET Transport’s roll-tite flatbeds are available for local or highway transport, offering flexible short-term or long-term rental options.

Combo flatbed units are exclusively carried, ensuring versatile and reliable flatbed trucking solutions. Rent from ET Transport for all roll-tite trailer needs, and experience professional flatbed truck transport services.

Rent a Flatbed Roll Tite by the Hour

For efficient flatbed truck transport in the GTA, ET Transport offers flexible rental services. Rent a driver, truck, and roll tite flatbed trailer for a few hours or a full day. Their hourly rates start with a minimum of three hours, ensuring you get the best value for your local transport needs.

ET Transport specializes in flatbed roll tite and roll tite conestoga services, perfect for various transport requirements. Whether you need a roll tite truck or a standard flatbed trailer, their experienced team is ready to assist with reliable and cost-effective solutions.

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