Canadian Flatbed Carriers Handle Metal Shipping, Tube Shipping and More

Flatbed carriers are ideal for steel haulers. Whether you are starting in Canada with Canadian flatbed carriers or driving your own rig into Canada you can have access to top-of-the-line information on the latest international regulations and guidelines to follow.


By choosing a reliable transportation company you can be certain that the necessary paperwork and permits will be prepared in advance. You can trust that your flatbed freight carrier company knows the metal shipping business and your freight will be handled with care. You know your delivery will be on time. Rather than rely upon individual drivers to know all the best routes for your size load, the company will prepare the best route with the most current information to ensure that your shipment will arrive in the most cost-effective manner.


Most steel haulers will be familiar with the needs for the different types of metal shipping. Whether the steel is in flat sheets or it is loaded for tube shipping, they will have the necessary equipment to do the job professionally. Tie downs will vary for different loads but safety is a primary concern for the trucker and the flatbed freight carrier.


Metal is sometimes shipped in coils. Depending upon the size and weight of the coils a flatbed carrier may secure one coil or more, each with the appropriate number and type of tied owns. The most recent rules specify the distance between each tie down and specify how they shall be anchored securely. The driver must be able to tighten the tied owns if necessary, except in the case of steel webbing. Tube shipping has some of its own specific regulations.


The US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has established rules which are designed to make transportation of cargo between Canada, the United States and Mexico as hassle free as possible. The intent is to ensure safety in all countries involved.


Working with an international company you can be assured that Canadian flatbed carriers are in harmony with the rules and regulations regarding customs and cargo transport in both Canada and the US. It is in your best interest to do some research and obtain a reputable transportation company to meet your goals with satisfaction.


The world of shipping has changed dramatically since the introduction of the standard 20 or 40 ft. shipping container. Since they are of uniform size and composition they can easily be moved from flatbed, to train to ship or air transport. All of this can be accomplished worldwide. China is a major supplier of shipping containers made of strong and uniform metal components. Actually many of these sturdy shipping containers are being reused for different purposes.


Yet, there are many types of metal cargo that need to be transported from place to place. They do not all fit neatly into metal containers. That is where flatbed carriers can continue to shine and fulfil a wide range of commercial cargo transportation needs.

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